tikz filter

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Renders Tikz code to PDF.

Aliases for this filter

  • tikz

Converts from file formats:

  • .tex
  • .txt

To file formats:

  • .pdf

Available settings:

add-new-filesBoolean or list of extensions/patterns to match.False
added-in-versionDexy version when this filter was first available.
additional-doc-filtersFilters to apply to additional documents created as side effects.{}
additional-doc-settingsSettings to apply to additional documents created as side effects.{}
argsArguments to be passed to the executable.
check-return-codeWhether to look for nonzero return code.True
clargsArguments to be passed to the executable (same as 'args').
command-stringThe full command string.%(prog)s -interaction=nonstopmode -halt-on-error %(args)s %(script_file)s
data-typeAlias of custom data class to use to store filter output.generic
envDictionary of key-value pairs to be added to environment for runs.{}
examplesTemplates which should be used as examples for this filter.[]
exclude-add-new-filesList of patterns to skip even if they match add-new-files.[]
exclude-new-files-from-dirList of directories to skip when adding new files.[]
executableThe executable to be runpdflatex
extFile extension to output.None
extension-mapDictionary mapping input extensions to default output extensions.None
helpHelpstring for plugin.Renders Tikz code to PDF.
input-extensionsList of extensions which this filter can accept as input.['.tex', '.txt']
keep-originalsWhether, if additional-doc-filters are specified, the original unmodified docs should also be added.False
make-dummy-outputWhether to make a dummy output file when one is not generated and add-new-files is True.False
mkdirA directory which should be created in working dir.None
mkdirsA list of directories which should be created in working dir.[]
nodocWhether filter should be excluded from documentation.False
outputWhether to output results of this filter by default by reporters such as 'output' or 'website'.True
output-extensionsList of extensions which this filter can produce as output.['.pdf']
override-workspace-exclude-filtersIf True, document will be populated to other workspaces ignoring workspace-exclude-filters.False
path-extensionsstrings to extend path with[]
preserve-prior-data-classWhether output data class should be set to match the input data class.False
record-varsWhether to add code that will automatically record values of variables.False
require-outputShould dexy raise an exception if no output is produced by this filter?True
run-bibtexShould we run bibtex if a .bib file is an input?True
scriptargsArguments to be passed to the executable.
tagsTags which describe the filter.[]
times-to-run-latexHow many times to run latex? (Latex is run one additional time if bibtex runs.)2
use-wdWhether to use a custom working directory when running filter.True
variablesA dictionary of variable names and values to make available to this filter.{}
varsA dictionary of variable names and values to make available to this filter.{}
version-commandCommand to call to return version of installed software.None
windows-version-commandCommand to call on windows to return version of installed software.None
workspace-exclude-filtersFilters whose output should be excluded from workspace.['pyg']
workspace-includesIf set to a list of filenames or extensions, only these will be populated to working dir.None
write-stderr-to-stdoutShould stderr be piped to stdout?True
Filter Source Code
class TikzPdfFilter(LatexFilter):
    Renders Tikz code to PDF.
    aliases = ['tikz']

    def process(self):
        latex_filename = self.output_data.basename().replace(self.ext, ".tex")

        # TODO allow setting tikz libraries per-document, or just include all of them?
        # TODO how to create a page size that just includes the content
        latex_header = r"""\documentclass[tikz]{standalone}
        latex_footer = "\n\end{document}"

        wd = self.parent_work_dir()

        work_path = os.path.join(wd, latex_filename)
        self.log_debug("writing latex header + tikz content to %s" % work_path)
        with codecs.open(work_path, "w", encoding="utf-8") as f:

        latex_command = "%s -interaction=batchmode %s" % (self.setting('executable'), latex_filename)

        def run_cmd(command):
            self.log_debug("about to run %s in %s" % (command, os.path.abspath(wd)))
            proc = subprocess.Popen(command, shell=True,

            stdout, stderr = proc.communicate()

            if proc.returncode > 2: # Set at 2 for now as this is highest I've hit, better to detect whether PDF has been generated?
                raise dexy.exceptions.UserFeedback("latex error, look for information in %s" %
                                latex_filename.replace(".tex", ".log"))
            elif proc.returncode > 0:
                self.log_warn("""A non-critical latex error has occurred running %s,
                status code returned was %s, look for information in %s""" % (
                self.key, proc.returncode,
                latex_filename.replace(".tex", ".log")))



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