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Filter for the Confluence REST API.

Aliases for this filter

  • cfl
  • confluence

Converts from file formats:

  • .html

To file formats:

  • .json
  • .html

Available settings:

add-new-filesBoolean or list of extensions/patterns to match.False
added-in-versionDexy version when this filter was first available.
additional-doc-filtersFilters to apply to additional documents created as side effects.{}
additional-doc-settingsSettings to apply to additional documents created as side effects.{}
api-pathPath from wiki root to API endpoint./rest/api
attachment-commentComment for attachment.Uploaded by Dexy confluence filter.
attachment-minor-editWhether an attachment should be uploaded as a minor edit.True
authstringbase64-encoded username:password string.$CONFLUENCE_AUTHSTRING
custom-mime-typesMap of file extensions to mime types to supplement the python mimetypes module.None
data-typeAlias of custom data class to use to store filter output.generic
examplesTemplates which should be used as examples for this filter.[]
exclude-add-new-filesList of patterns to skip even if they match add-new-files.[]
exclude-new-files-from-dirList of directories to skip when adding new files.[]
extFile extension to output.None
extension-mapDictionary mapping input extensions to default output extensions.None
fix-attachment-pathsIf True, automatically replace attachement filenames with uploaded paths in document content.True
helpHelpstring for plugin.Filter for the Confluence REST API.
input-extensionsList of extensions which this filter can accept as input.['.html']
keep-originalsWhether, if additional-doc-filters are specified, the original unmodified docs should also be added.False
mkdirA directory which should be created in working dir.None
mkdirsA list of directories which should be created in working dir.[]
nodocWhether filter should be excluded from documentation.False
outputWhether to output results of this filter by default by reporters such as 'output' or 'website'.False
output-extensionsList of extensions which this filter can produce as output.['.json', '.html']
override-workspace-exclude-filtersIf True, document will be populated to other workspaces ignoring workspace-exclude-filters.False
page-idID of existing Confluence page to update.None
page-minor-editWhether to mark page changes as a minor edit.True
page-titleTitle of page to publish.None
parent-page-idID of page to use as parent.None
passwordConfluence account password.$CONFLUENCE_PASSWORD
preserve-prior-data-classWhether output data class should be set to match the input data class.False
require-outputShould dexy raise an exception if no output is produced by this filter?True
skip-attachmentsA list of file extensions which should not be uploaded as attachments.None
space-keyConfluence space in which to publish page.None
tagsTags which describe the filter.[]
upload-attachmentsIf True, attachments will automatically be uploaded. Can also be a list of file extensions.True
url-baseRoot of URL.None
usernameConfluence account username.$CONFLUENCE_USERNAME
variablesA dictionary of variable names and values to make available to this filter.{}
varsA dictionary of variable names and values to make available to this filter.{}
wiki-pathPath to wiki root./wiki
workspace-exclude-filtersFilters whose output should be excluded from workspace.['pyg']
workspace-includesIf set to a list of filenames or extensions, only these will be populated to working dir.None
Filter Source Code
class ConfluenceRESTAPI(DexyFilter):
    Filter for the Confluence REST API.
    aliases = ['cfl', 'confluence']

    _settings = {
            'publish' : False,
            'input-extensions' : ['.html'],
            'output-extensions' : ['.json', '.html'],
            'url-base' : ("Root of URL.", None),
            'upload-attachments' : ("If True, attachments will automatically be uploaded. Can also be a list of file extensions.", True),
            'skip-attachments' : ("A list of file extensions which should not be uploaded as attachments.", None),
            'fix-attachment-paths' : ("If True, automatically replace attachement filenames with uploaded paths in document content.", True),
            'attachment-minor-edit' : ("Whether an attachment should be uploaded as a minor edit.", True),
            'attachment-comment' : ("Comment for attachment.", "Uploaded by Dexy confluence filter."),
            'wiki-path' : ("Path to wiki root.", "/wiki"),
            'api-path' : ("Path from wiki root to API endpoint.", "/rest/api"),
            'page-minor-edit' : ("Whether to mark page changes as a minor edit.", True),
            'space-key' : ("Confluence space in which to publish page.", None),
            'page-title' : ("Title of page to publish.", None),
            'page-id' : ("ID of existing Confluence page to update.", None),
            'parent-page-id': ("ID of page to use as parent.", None),
            'authstring' : ("base64-encoded username:password string.", "$CONFLUENCE_AUTHSTRING"),
            'username' : ("Confluence account username.", "$CONFLUENCE_USERNAME"),
            'password' : ("Confluence account password.", "$CONFLUENCE_PASSWORD"),
            'custom-mime-types' : ("Map of file extensions to mime types to supplement the python mimetypes module.", None)

    def wiki_root_url(self):
        url_base = self.setting('url-base')
        if url_base is None:
            raise UserFeedback("The url-base setting must be provided.")
        if not url_base.startswith("http"):
            raise UserFeedback("The url-base setting should start with https.")
        return "%s%s" % (url_base, self.setting('wiki-path'))

    def url_for_path(self, path):
        if not path.startswith("/"):
            path = "/%s" % path
        return "%s%s%s" % (self.wiki_root_url(), self.setting('api-path'), path)

    def credentials(self):
            authstring = self.setting('authstring')
        except UserFeedback:
            authstring = None

            username = self.setting('username')
            password = self.setting('password')
        except UserFeedback:
            username = None
            password = None

        if authstring is not None:
            return { "headers" : { "Authorization" : "Basic %s" % authstring }}
        elif username is not None and password is not None:
            return { "auth" : (username, password) }
            raise UserFeedback("Must provide an authstring or both username and password.")

    def credentials_with_headers(self, headers):
        credentials = self.credentials()
        if 'headers' in credentials:
            credentials['headers'] = {}
        return credentials

    def credentials_with_json_content_type(self):
        json_content_type = {'content-type': 'application/json'}
        return self.credentials_with_headers(json_content_type)

    def handle_response_code(self, response):
        if response.status_code < 400:
        elif response.status_code in range(400,500):
            raise UserFeedback(response.json()['message'])
        elif response.status_code in (500,):
            raise Exception("\nServer error %s:\n%s" % (response.status_code, response.json()['message']))
            raise Exception("Not set up to handle status code %s" % response.status_code)

    def get_path(self, path, params=None):
        response = requests.get(
        return response.json()

    def guess_mimetype(self, canonical_name):
        custom_mimetypes = self.setting('custom-mime-types')
        if custom_mimetypes is None:
            custom_mimetypes = {}
        ext = ".%s" % os.path.splitext(canonical_name)[1]
        if ext in custom_mimetypes:
            return custom_mimetypes[ext]
            mimetype, _ = mimetypes.guess_type(canonical_name)
            return mimetype

    def attachment_minor_edit_setting(self):
        return self.bool_setting_to_string(

    def page_minor_edit_setting(self):
        return self.bool_setting_to_string(

    def bool_setting_to_string(self, setting):
        if isinstance(setting, bool):
            if setting:
                return "true"
                return "false"
            return setting

    def post_file(self, path, canonical_name, filepath):
        no_check = {"X-Atlassian-Token" : "no-check"}
        mimetype = self.guess_mimetype(canonical_name)
        with open(filepath, 'rb') as fileref:
            files = {
                    'file': (canonical_name, fileref, mimetype),
                    'comment' : str(self.setting('attachment-comment')),
                    'minorEdit' : self.attachment_minor_edit_setting()
            response = requests.post(
        return response.json()

    def delete_path(self, path):
        response = requests.delete(
        return response.json()

    def json_post_path(self, path, data=None):
        response = requests.post(
        return response.json()

    def json_put_path(self, path, data=None):
        response = requests.put(
        return response.json()

    def find_page_info_by_title(self, page_title=None):
        space_key = self.setting('space-key')
        if page_title is None:
            page_title = self.setting('page-title')

        if space_key is None:
            raise UserFeedback("A space-key must be provided.")
        if page_title is None:
            raise UserFeedback("A page-title must be provided")

        params = {"spaceKey" : space_key, "title" : page_title }
        matching_pages = self.get_path("content", params)

        if matching_pages['size'] == 1:
            return matching_pages['results'][0]
        elif matching_pages['size'] == 0:
            return None
            raise Exception("Should only be 0 or 1 matching pages.")

    def find_page_id_by_title(self, page_title=None):
        page_info = self.find_page_info_by_title(page_title)
        if page_info is not None:
            print("Page found using title and space key, you should set page-id parameter to %s for greater robustness." % page_info['id'])
            return page_info['id']

    def ancestors(self):
        if self.setting('parent-page-id') is not None:
            return [{"type" : "page", "id" : self.setting('parent-page-id')}]
            return []

    def create_new_page(self):
        data = {
                "type" : "page",
                "title" : self.setting('page-title'),
                "ancestors" : self.ancestors(),
                "space" : {"key" : self.setting('space-key') },
                "body" : {
                    "storage" : {
                        "representation" : "storage",
                        "value" : str(self.input_data)
        return self.json_post_path("content", data)

    def update_existing_page(self, page_id, page_text):
        page_info_args = {"expand" : "version"}
        page_info = self.get_path("content/%s" % page_id, page_info_args)
        page_version = page_info['version']['number']

        page_title = self.setting('page-title')
        if page_title is None:
            page_title = page_info['title']

        data = {
                "type" : "page",
                "title" : page_title,
                "ancestors" : self.ancestors(),
                "body" : {
                    "storage" : {
                        "representation" : "storage",
                        "value" : page_text
                'version' : {
                    'number' : page_version + 1,
                    'minorEdit' : self.bool_setting_to_string(
        return self.json_put_path("content/%s" % page_id, data)

    def upload_attachments(self, page_id):
        path = "content/%s/child/attachment" % page_id
        existing_attachments = self.get_path(path)['results']
        attachment_ids = dict(
                (att['title'], att['id'],)
                for att in existing_attachments)

        attachments = {}

        for input_doc in self.doc.walk_input_docs():
            if not input_doc.output_data().is_canonical_output():
                self.log_debug("Not uploading %s, set output to True if you want it." % input_doc)

            canonical_name = input_doc.output_data().basename()
            ext = os.path.splitext(canonical_name)[1]

            if not isinstance(self.setting('upload-attachments'), bool):
                if not ext in self.setting('upload-attachments'):
                    self.log_info("Skipping %s because %s not in %s" % (canonical_name, ext, self.setting('upload-attachments'),))

            if self.setting('skip-attachments') is not None:
                if ext in self.setting('skip-attachments'):
                    self.log_info("Skipping %s because %s in %s" % (canonical_name, ext, self.setting('skip-attachments'),))

            filepath = input_doc.output_data().storage.data_file()

            if canonical_name in attachment_ids:
                update_path = "%s/%s/data" % (path, attachment_ids[canonical_name])
                attachment = self.post_file(update_path, canonical_name, filepath)
                links = attachment['_links']
                attachment = self.post_file(path, canonical_name, filepath)
                links = attachment['results'][0]['_links']

            attachments[canonical_name] = links['download'].split("?")[0]

        return attachments

    def find_page_id(self):
        if self.setting('page-id') is not None:
            return self.setting('page-id')
            return self.find_page_id_by_title()

    def save_result(self, page):
        result = {}
        result['page-id'] = page['id']
        result['version'] = page['version']['number']
        result['url'] = "%s%s" % (self.wiki_root_url(), page['_links']['webui'])
        result['short-url'] = "%s%s" % (self.wiki_root_url(), page['_links']['tinyui'])
        except Exception as e:

    def fix_attachment_paths(self, page_id, attachments):
        input_text = str(self.input_data)
        fixed_text = input_text

        for canonical_name, path in attachments.items():
            fullpath = self.wiki_root_url() + path
            fixed_text = fixed_text.replace(canonical_name, fullpath)

        return self.update_existing_page(page_id, fixed_text)

    def process(self):
        if not self.setting('publish'):
            print("not publishing", self.setting('space-key'), self.setting('page-title'))
            print("uploading", self.setting('space-key'), self.setting('page-title'))

        page_id = self.find_page_id()

        if page_id is None:
            page = self.create_new_page()
            print("New page created. You should now set page-id parameter to %s." % page['id'])
            page = self.update_existing_page(page_id, str(self.input_data))

        if self.setting('upload-attachments'):
            attachments = self.upload_attachments(page['id'])
            attachments = {}

        if attachments and self.setting('fix-attachment-paths'):
            page = self.fix_attachment_paths(page['id'], attachments)


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